Are you terrified your relationship is beyond repair..?

The Connection Booster is a step by step course helping LOST and DESPAIRING couples feel the LOVE again in just 10 days!

Bring back the FUN, boost the PASSION and get ready to EXPLODE with EXCITEMENT about your next chapter!

If you're scared

breaking up is inevitable I NEED you to know- you ABSOLUTELY CAN turn this relationship around!

I know at the moment you must be feeling pretty damn LOST.

You might not be able to absolutely PINPOINT WHAT WENT WRONG.

You're probably TOO EMBARRASSED to actually admit to anyone, outside the relationship, that HEY you're not happy.

I imagine you're DESPERATE to feel LOVED and CLOSE to your partner again.

I get it BUT let me tell you:

We're made to feel like "love" should be the easiest thing in the World and that we should be constantly living in a happy ending BUT RELATIONSHIPS ARE HARD EFFIN' WORK!

The truth is, EVERY relationship has ups and downs.

We ALL struggle to balance our relationship with all our other commitments (eg. work/ kids/ friends/ LIFE)

We ALL find ourselves snapping at our partners and pushing S.E.X to the bottom of the list when we've got a sh*t ton of other stuff to do first.

None of us have a magic wand and can be the perfect partner ALL THE TIME.

But, the answers to feeling LOVED, WANTED and CONNECTED again are ABSOLUTELY available to you!

This is NOT THE END of your relationship- you can feel IN LOVE once again, here's how...

I've given over 300 people the STEPS they needed to REVOLUTIONISE their love lives

Yup! With over 5 years experience as a Sex and Relationship educator, I've got your back AND THE AWESOME TOOLS you need.

I'm Helen Alison by the way, a qualified sex and relationship educator and trainer from the rainy UK.

For years I've been teaching about healthy relationships and I've supported over 300 people to reorganise their love lives into something that FEELS LIKE MAGIC ONCE AGAIN.

I'm HUGELY passionate about people getting proactive and leading loves lives that bring them JOY, PASSION, LOVE AND FUN!

Who wants to have stagnant, BORING SEX? Or a relationship where they feel like they're constantly WAITING FOR THE END?

Not me and I *really* hope NOT YOU!

I created this course because I want couples to have access to the specific activities that will COMPLETELY 180 THEIR RELATIONSHIP HAPPINESS QUICKLY without breaking the bank!

Imagine being able to SKYROCKET your RELATIONSHIP SATISFACTION in just 10 days...


o Identify what needs to change NOW to instantly BOOST your happiness

o Unleash the INTIMACY and SEXUAL EXCITEMENT back into your relationship

o Communicate with CONFIDENCE and JOY to make sure your NEEDS AND DESIRES are met

This course will give you the STRATEGIC actions you can take TODAY to bring back the PASSION and LOVE and make it LAST!

The Connection Booster course is the ULTIMATE relationship rescue package FOR YOU.

Inside the course you get access to the following tailor-made tools and couples activities...

  • #RelationshipGoals Couples Goal Setting Workbook

  • Boundaries for Conversation Couples Framework

  • Date Night Demystifier Couples Workbook

  • Loving Communication Couples Workbook

  • The Relationship Audit Couples Workbook

  • Sex + You Couples Quiz

All of this PLUS 7 easy to read modules FULL of guidance that have created BREAKTHROUGHS for lots of couples previously!

ALL for ONLY £22 today (+VAT)!

You don't have to keep feeling ALONE, STRESSED & EMBARRASSED about your relationship.

You ABSOLUTELY CAN access simple but POWERFUL tools that will turn your relationship around.

Get inside The Connection Booster course TODAY and GRAB your RELATIONSHIP by the b*lls!

Begin CONFIDENTLY building YOUR LOVE once again.

By the end of the course I GUARANTEE you and your partner will be:






And, EXCITED for what the future will bring!

You will get to this place by following tried and tested methods and using tailor-made tools.

The PRACTICAL activities and STRATEGIC guidance in the course will help you:

Set GOALS that will UPGRADE your relationship ASAP and in the long term

Communicate with FULL CONFIDENCE (instead of CONFLICT)


Navigate SCARY conversations with EASE and LOVE

BOOST your relationship HAPPINESS and PASSION - and keep this FLYING beyond the course end!


This course was designed specifically for couples who are:

  • Feeling LOST and DISCONNECTED from eachother

  • Find it IMPOSSIBLE to communicate without feeling MORE FRUSTRATED, CONFUSED and DISTANT

  • Worried their relationship is BROKEN and BEYOND REPAIR

  • Feeling COMPLETELY ALONE and unsure how to move FORWARD without some DIRECT HELP and POWERFUL tools

If this is YOU, you are absolutely in the right place so LETS GET STARTED!

Select a pricing plan and save your spot!


The Connection Booster 2021


How does the course work exactly?

The course is a series of written modules with plenty of couples activities and actionable tips to get you going (get ready to work!)

You'll work through a simple five step process, each step building on the former and focusing on a different area of your relationship.

What do I get for the course price?

Once you purchase you will receive information from Teachable to set your account up with them and login to the course (it's super easy!)

Once in, you'll work through seven easy-to-read modules with lots of practical guidance.

All the tips, tricks and support I offer in the course has come from my experience of being a relationship educator.

I've also created exclusive couples activities for each step of the course- these are tailor made to help build intimacy and create connection.

You will receive within the course over 67 pages of printer friendly (all B+W) workbooks and tools for you to use alongside your learning.

Do you offer refunds?

Of course! If you finish the course, complete the couples exercises and implement the techniques and feel nothing has changed, you can email me within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Can I complete this course without my partner?

No, this is a couples course and has been designed as such. For example: all the activities depend on you communicating and working with your partner to progress- sorry!!

How long will the course take me and my partner?

I recommend setting aside 10 days to complete the course. The course is designed as a short course because the results depend on you being present with your partner and intentional about progress. Dragging it on for weeks will mean you lost momentum, impact and motivation AND although you could complete the course in less than 10 days, you need to make sure you leave time and space for reflection- don't rush through!

I have a specific issue in my relationship, is this the course for me?

This course could be for you if you need support with: communication, sharing your wants and needs, feeling connected to your partner, moving forward in your relationship. HOWEVER, this course is a short course and it's a general course supporting couples connection. I wouldn't recommend you complete this course if you're hoping to solve any specific relationship issues around things such as guilt, abuse, infidelity. I would recommend you seek external support for those- you deserve more specific help with those things <3

I have a question that is not here, can I ask you?

Yes of course! Contact me (Helen Alison) at [email protected] and I'll respond ASAP!